What is TKIBA®?

How could we educate children in a sustainable and scalable way, to prepare them for the real world with tangible skills?

That’s the question that started it all. We wanted to bridge the technology divide by making computers and connectivity accessible to kids and their families; we wanted to create a platform that could bring together businesses, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and mission-driven organizations.

We wanted to make social impact measurable, and provide a true return on impact and investment.


TKIBA® was born to provide a comprehensive approach to complementary education. A solution that involves a physical device (proprietary tablets and laptops), access to measurable and proprietary educational curriculum, a platform to engage children and caregivers, and an opportunity to bring together stakeholders who benefit directly from the well-being and success of the community they serve. All of this, under what we call the TKIBA project.

Quick Snapshot of the Environment

“Education is the most cost-effective investment we can make”
– Gordon Brown (Former Prime Minister of the UK and Chair of the Education Commission)

Currently, one of the BIGGEST threats to society is the fact that 900 million of the world’s 1.4 billion children reach adulthood un- or under-educated. According to a report from the International Commission on Financing Global Educational Opportunity (the Education Commission)

By 2030 it is expected that 1.5 billion adults will reach the global workforce with NO particular skill whatsoever.

In the United States right now, there are more than 30 million kids living under the line of poverty. The lack of access to early education is so big that an estimated 40% are not even ready for primary school education.

Right here in Florida, almost 1 million children are living in poverty. These children are less likely to graduate high school and become productive contributors to the future.

The Goal

The goal is ambitious. To deliver sustainable education through technology to every child in the world.

The Plan and Model

We decided to test our pilot through a grass-roots model, starting right here in our own communities.

We have created a model that turns every partner into a powerful stakeholder with a vested interest in the success of the program.

A model that solves a social problem through a business model, the way it is meant to be. By bringing together corporations and non-profits in a way where the efforts and results are sustainable, measurable and scalable.

The Protagonists

In order to better our own circumstances, as a society, while remaining competitive in the marketplace, we must be able to deliver a comprehensive approach to complementary education

Our approach to curriculum development and the partnership with wonderful organizations that are aligned with the needs of the community have helped us create a suite of curriculum pillars to be delivered and measured within the Tkiba framework


The user and recipient of the educational information first hand from the device.


The person or group that will act as a second layer in overseeing the educational curriculum and also receiving partial or full benefits of the platform.


The groups, both private and public organizations that will serve as the funders, the stakeholders, the providers of the educational curriculum, and the ones with vested interested in the success of the model and the upward mobility of their communities.


Affordable and capable proprietary tablets and laptops with embedded Tkiba software and preloaded educational applications that will interact and serve as an interface between the educational curriculum and the child.

The Platform

The backbone support that is created through a central operating module to be the first and most important choice architect in the process of delivering educational curriculum to the children and families, maintained by a team of in-house programmers, developers and creatives, hosted in the cloud and with the capabilities of analyzing data for the benefit of the families, the partners and specialized institutions.

The 6 pillars of success

Entrepreneurship: The power and skills to turn your idea into a business in this amazing free enterprise market economy.

Love for Reading: By installing pre-loaded proprietary reading material into our tablets and devices for kids and families to access off-line, which will sync once they go online.

STEAM: Specially targeted curriculum involving Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math in collaboration with our partners.

Health and Wellness: Best practices, guidelines and rewarded challenges for healthier kids and families. 

Financial Education: From the power of compound interest to real life training on financial instruments to get kids and their families ready for wealth building.

EQ: The most important skill in leadership, Emotional Intelligence curriculum to teach self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.


We have partnered with incredible organizations, and continue to do so across the country and worldwide to deploy and test these programs. Aligned with the Prosperity Initiative from The Florida Chamber of Commerce, we are identifying targeted zip codes within the state and key organizations working within the area to help us facilitate the deployment of the equipment and the first modules of our educational curriculum while we test the pilot program.

Return on Impact and Investment

It is time to measure the philanthropy efforts and impact marketing strategies of your company. Learn how your organization can get involved in this program by leveraging the power of data and technology to better understand the return on the investment of your investment. We can help you become the protagonist of the educational curriculum we teach, and turn your leadership into teachers and social catalysts. Let’s Co-brand devices, pre-load apps, videos and/or powerful messages that will leave an everlasting footprint in the lives of children and families for generations to come.


Every dollar counts, please help us fund this project and become one of us